Das Tal Summer Alpha Key Giveaway

Das Tal Summer Alpha Key GiveawayThe Das Tal summer alpha goes live today and we have a limited number of alpha keys available!

Well, it has been awhile since we have talked about Das Tal, so let’s get back into the swing of things by telling everyone that the Das Tal summer alpha test fires up today. Better yet, we have some alpha keys to hand out! Simple enter your information into the Das Tal summer alpha key giveaway widget below to grab one. They are limited so act fast!

For those just joining us, Das Tal from Fairytale Distillery is an isometric sandbox MMO with an emphasis on PvP combat. Here is the official blurb about Das Tal (I also recommend that you read over the About Das Tal page as well):

“Das Tal is the world’s first Sandbox Survival Arena – bringing together MOBA tactics and Sandbox MMO strategy. It makes MMOs fun again for PvP fans. No more grind. No more pay-to-win. No more tab-targeting. The game is designed to be compatible with the busy life of an adult gamer. Das Tal rests on the three defining pillars; Meaningful Conflict, Skill-Based Combat, and Constantly Changing Worlds.

It will throw you into a dark fantasy prison valley. You start each game with nothing but your wits and your PvP skills. Over the course of weeks and months you will explore this world, grow stronger and learn to survive.

Hundreds of players will join you in the valley. Amongst them you will find friends and allies to form a clan. Start building your own settlement and empire whilst competing with rival clans.

In a completely player-driven economy, your influence and income will grow through diplomacy and warfare. You will strive to break free of your chains, defeat your captors and emerge victorious from your exile.”

For those that do grab a key and want a quick primer for Das Tal, there is a tutorial page that you can check out as well. In any case, grab a key below for the Das Tal summer alpha and get in on the game. Oh, and they added an extra North American server for this alpha test so there should be plenty of action for both the EU and NA players.

Instructions for redeeming the Das Tal summer alpha keys are included with the confirmation email.




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