Starfall Tactics Pre-Alpha Event

Starfall Tactics Pre-Alpha EventThere is a second Starfall Tactics pre-alpha event incoming! Sign up for a chance to test out this sci-fi real time tactical game!

Just over a month ago I encouraged everyone to sign up for the Starfall Tactics alpha testing. I hope you listened to my advice because this morning I received word via email that a second Starfall tactices pre-alpha event is going to be held this coming weekend!

As I mentioned previously, Starfall Tactics from Snowforged Entertainment is a blend of real time tactical combat, in-depth fleet and ship customization in the form of cards and deck building, and persistent territory control. You can join one of three factions to help conquer the galaxy, or if you prefer there are smaller co-op and PvP skirmishes to be had. Speaking of those latter two options, it sounds like the 2-player co-op and 2v2 PvP matches are the highlights of the current pre-alpha testing. For more information I recommend reading over the official Starfall Tactics pre-alpha announcement. It sounds like there is even a chance to still find and name your own star within the game!

This second Starfall Tactics pre-alpha event starts this coming Thursday, July 14, at 18:00 CET and runs until the end of July 17. If you would like a chance to test the game during this event or in the future then head over to the game’s website and sign up. Get on it!



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