System Shock Demo and Kickstarter

SystemShock-postSHODAN is returning! Check out the System Shock demo and Kickstarter to see how this remake of the classic sci-fi horror game is shaping up!

Very likely most of you have heard about this news already, but SHODAN is returning! That is, returning in the form of a remake of the original and very classic sci-fi horror FPS game, System Shock. A new Kickstarter campaign for the game is underway with huge support already, and better yet there is a System Shock demo for everyone to try out!

The original System Shock was easily one of the best game I ever played, and I remember both it and the sequel very fondly. SHODAN was one of the greatest video villains that I ever faced, and I am very excited that she is making a comeback with this re-imagining of System Shock from Nightdive Studios. Good times! It is worth checking out the Kickstarter campaign to read up on how this new version of the game will try to stay faithful to the original, but so far it is looking good! I tried the demo this evening (last night when many of you read this) and it was creepy to be back in the Citadel space station again after all these years.

I recommend giving the System Shock demo a whirl when you get a chance, and you can find the download links on the game’s Kickstarter page. Bear in mind that it is still very much based on a pre-alpha version of the game. The demo crashed on me but I still saw enough to get a good idea of the game. If you like what you see then you may want to consider supporting the System Shock Kickstarter, which has already reached a third of its goal as I write this (after just one day into the campaign). Check it out!



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