Gigantic Stress Test

Gigantic Stress TestSign up for a chance to participate in the Gigantic stress test that starts on June 30!

It has been awhile since I have talked about Gigantic. Since that time, plenty of things have changed for this new MOBA-esque third person shooter from Motiga. Of these, probably the most significant event was the partnering of Motiga with Perfect World Entertainment in order to continue the development of Gigantic. And now today Motiga has announced that the testing of Gigantic will once again fire up starting with a Gigantic stress test on June 30!

Here is a excerpt from the official announcement:

“We’re planning on running this stress test via Arc, for Windows 7/8/10 64 bit, and Xbox Live, for Xbox One and Windows 10 players, to give both PC and console players a chance to participate. As a quick reminder and as a result of the partnership between Perfect World Entertainment and Motiga, PC players can play on any Windows 64-bit OS! If you are interested in participating in the stress test, make sure that you sign up at or here on Arc. Our team will be selecting a group of players to participate and distribute codes on June 29 to allow players to pre-load the stress test build in order to jump in right when the servers go live!”

The Gigantic stress test will run from June 30 until July 1 at 10pm PDT according to the email that went out to previous Gigantic beta testers. You will need an Arc Account in order to play the game, so make sure you set one up if you don’t already have one.

Sign up soon for a chance to participate in the Gigantic stress test via the links above. Check it out!



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One thought on “Gigantic Stress Test

  1. Just a head’s up for the readers, you can’t actually download the game as of now on Arc. (I already had a beta key) But the “Installation” button acts like it should work, already contacted the support about it, so yeah just wait until the actual stress test date to be able to download the game.

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