MIGHT Beta Registration

MIGHT Beta RegistrationSign up for the MIGHT beta test for a chance to try this new PvP arena brawler!

So this morning, a software studio over in Sweden reached out to Death by Beta to let us know about another game in development and another beta test. Cristian Malmros from Fast Forward Games was kind enough to pass along information about their new game called MIGHT, and even better to let us know about the MIGHT beta that is underway!

I am actually quite interested in MIGHT now that I have had a chance to look over the information. As many of you probably remember, I am a big fan of arena brawler games like Bloodline Champions and MIGHT appears to be following in that vein. The best part about it is that controls use WASD for movement the mouse for aiming skill shots. The game is being heavily optimized for online play, and Fast Forward Games is very proud of their netcode being used for the game.

MIGHT is currently running a Steam Greenlight campaign so you can check that out for more information. I also recommend having a look at the game’s gameplay trailer below, checking out the game’s FAQ, and signing up for the MIGHT beta! Check it out!



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One thought on “MIGHT Beta Registration

  1. this game reminds me of blc which i loved. But yet this game seems to have it’s own unique style in it’s own right cant wait to try this.

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