GWENT Closed Beta Registration

GWENT Closed Beta RegistrationSign up for the GWENT closed beta for a chance to test out the standalone version of the popular card game from Witcher 3!

I have yet finished Witcher 2, and thus I haven’t bothered to pick up Witcher 3. This in turn means that I have never had a chance to try GWENT, the in-game card game that the Witcher 3 introduced. Well, it appears that I and those like me will get a chance to try GWENT via another route, because CD Projekt and have decide to release a standalone GWENT online game! Better yet, the GWENT closed beta registration is now live!

As I said, I have never tried GWENT so I don’t really know first hand how it compares to other collectible card games which involve deck building. If the information on the GWENT website is any indication then it is safe to assume it will have some familiar elements, although it does at least seem different in that you win by scoring points rather than bringing your opponents points to zero. A small distinction perhaps, but I imagine there will be others. Check out the GWENT website and FAQ for more info.

According to the game’s FAQ, the GWENT closed beta will launch this coming September for the PC, so make sure you sign up for the GWENT closed beta soon for a chance to participate. Check it out!



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