Revelation Online Closed Beta Registration

Revelation Online Closed Beta RegistrationSign up for the Revelation Online closed beta and get ready to take flight!

Once again our good friend Kusaha has been kind enough to send us some interesting beta testing news to share with everyone! This time he wanted us to let everyone know about the new MMORPG that is being brought to us Westerners courtesy of called Revelation Online. More importantly, the Revelation Online closed beta registration is already running and waiting for all of you to sign up!

Since I hadn’t heard about Revelation Online before now, I took Kusuha’s advice and spent some time digging through the rather excellent FAQ on the game’s website. It appears that Revelation Online is being developed in China by NetEase and published in NA and the EU by One of the big selling points of Revelation Online is that eventually everyone gets their own wings for flight, and it sounds like the wings will be for both travel and combat. So far there are six classes in the game that cover the range of expected playstyles and roles (Swordmage, Occultist, Gunslinger, Blademaster, SpiritShaper, and Vanguard), and the devs are eager to point out that none of the classes are gender-locked. There are plenty of other features planned for the game such as lots of PvP options (including open world PvP), and I recommend reading over the Revelation Online FAQ for more info. Oh, and watch the gameplay trailer below as well.

The Revelation Online closed beta is planned later this year in the fall, so make sure you head over and get signed up! You can find the Revelation Online closed beta registration form via the game’s main page. Check it out!



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3 thoughts on “Revelation Online Closed Beta Registration

  1. It would be an honor to beta test this game. It looks like it has amazing graphics and amazing characters. It looks great all-in-all.

  2. I really hope it’s not going to be f2p and the story is going to be well crafted, other than that, yeah it looks quite interesting, to be honest I never been fan of flying in mmorpgs, but it seems like they nailed it in this one 🙂

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