Starfall Tactics Alpha Registration

Starfall Tactics Alpha RegistrationSign up for the Starfall Tactics alpha test!

So just over a year ago I mentioned the Starfall Tactics Kickstarter and talked how it looked like it could be a winner with its blend of real time tactical gameplay and a more persistent online experience, as well as a form of deck building. Anyway, I must have signed up for the newsletter at that time because just a couple of hours ago I received an email informing me that everyone can sign up for the Starfall Tactics alpha, and better yet there will be a special pre-alpha testing event starting this Thursday for a select group of players!

There is a lot planned for Starfall Tactics from Snowforged Entertainment and I probably can’t do it justice in trying to describe the game fully. One thing that I should note is that Starfall Tactics hopes to give players several PvP options, including quick arena type matches or some larger scale conflicts in which clans from three factions can battle over a persistent galaxy for territory control. There is also a huge amount of ship and fleet customization to be had. Read over the Starfall Tactics website for more details and give the gameplay trailer below a look.

I am not entirely sure how the players for the pre-alpha test starting this Thursday, June 9, will be selected but presumably those that sign up for the alpha test will have shot. Thus, I recommend that you all sign up for the Starfall Tactics alpha pronto just in case.  Besides, if you are into RTS gameplay with a more tactical slant then this is a game to keep an eye on. Check it out!



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