Escape from Tarkov Alpha

Escape from Tarkov AlphaThe Escape from Tarkov alpha test is slated to start on August 4!

Well I guess the testing plan for Escape from Tarkov has changed somewhat in the recent past. Back at the beginning of the year when I first told you to sign up for the testing, the plan was to have the closed beta launch by the end of March. Clearly that is no longer the case since there was an official announcement this past Friday that the Escape from Tarkov alpha test would begin on August 4. Presumably you can still sign up to help test out the game, although I am not entirely sure how to gain access to the alpha test itself.

As I said last time, one can’t help but get a STALKER vibe when watching the gameplay footage of Escape from Tarkov from Battlestate Games. That isn’t a bad thing though since the STALKER games were quite good (I quite enjoyed them at the very least). Escape from Tarkov is more of a multiplayer experience, and the exact description is “a hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features and story-driven walkthrough“. That sounds quite good, and I recommend watching the alpha gameplay trailer below for a better idea of the game, and read over the game’s website for a list of all of the planned features.

And of course, while you are checking out the website you should definitely sign up for the Escape of Tarkov testing. However, it isn’t clear to me how to gain access to the Escape from Tarkov alpha since the official announcement doesn’t really give details. The main website has a place to enter your email for the closed beta, and there is an account registration page as well. I suggest doing both just to be safe. You could also consider buying a pre-order pack, but only the closed beta is mentioned so again I don’t really know what gets you a chance at the alpha test. Sign up just in case!



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