NITE Team 4 Alpha Demo

NITE Team 4Try the NITE Team 4 alpha demo from the makers of The Black Watchmen!

Here is some interesting news that I noticed last night on Rock, Paper, Shotgun and that I figured many of you might like to take a look at. The good folks over at Alice & Smith are working on a new hacking sim game called NITE Team 4. Moreover, there is a NITE Team 4 alpha demo already available for everyone to try out.

You may or may not recall that I posted about another game from Alice & Smith, The Black Watchmen, about a year ago. The Black Watchmen is an ARG, which I can’t really comment on because I have never tried an ARG. I do still get that games newsletters though and it sounds quite involved. I tell you that because NITE Team 4 uses the same gaming universe as The Black Watchmen as its backdrop. I haven’t yet had a chance to try out the NITE Team 4 alpha demo, but if it is like other hacking sim games then it should be quite good assuming that you like games that require at least some form of command line gameplay (I have a soft spot for hacking sims personally).

I recommend that you check out the NITE Team 4 website for more details about the game, or better yet download the alpha demo for Windows and give it a try for yourself (as I will later on today). Enjoy!


NITE Team 4


NITE Team 4


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One thought on “NITE Team 4 Alpha Demo

  1. I had the chance to play with The Black Watchmen, it’s quite a bit of fun, though couldn’t get any of my friends to play it with me, and I feel like it was designed for more heads, not just one so I stopped at one point, but now that this post reminded me I may continue it, and NITE seems to be quite good as well, so I’ll keep an eye on it, thanks for the info!

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