Savage Resurrection Early Access

Savage Resurrection Early AccessThe classic RTS/FPS gameplay returns with the new Savage Resurrection early access!

As you may have noticed, Death by Beta hasn’t been posting much on early access titles lately, mostly because it is just so difficult to keep up with all of them. Now that Phillip has joined the team we’re planning to report more on them. That said, we’re happy to report on a rather exciting title: Savage Resurrection early!

I happened to notice this myself over the past weekend, but yesterday our good friend Kusaha also sent DBB an excited email to us pointing us in the direction of the Savage Resurrection. For those that don’t know, long before S2 Games ever got into the MOBA business with Heroes of Newerth and Strife they were actually in the business of making some interesting RTS/FPS hybrid games under the Savage franchise. I never tried the original Savage, but I did try the sequel. It was a tough game to play but still a lot of fun. In essence, one player acts as the RTS commander for his or her team, taking care of construction and research and providing orders to the team, while the rest of the team plays from a first or third person perspective, carrying out the order and generally trying to fight the opposing team. It was often frustrating, but just as often exhilarating.

S2 Games have come full circle with Savage Resurrection and returned to their roots using the original Savage games as their starting point, although this time around it appears the game is streamlined quite a bit. Matches are limited to 12v12 instead huge teams, but that is probably a good thing. One team plays the humans, and one team plays the beasts, and depending on the type of unit you play as you will have plenty of shooter or melee action to dig into.

Kusaha bought into the Savage Resurrection early access and speaks quite highly of it, so it is good to hear some first hand thumbs-up feedback about the game. Looks like the feedback on the game has been very positive so far on the game’s Steam page. Bear in mind that the standard early access warnings of bugs and missing features applies. Also note that this is a PvP only game, but if that is okay with you and you are intrigued by the thought of a true RTS/FPS hybrid then I would recommend giving the Savage Resurrection early access a look. Check it out!



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4 thoughts on “Savage Resurrection Early Access

  1. Played Savage 2 for quite a while after man players left. It has potential but this is S2 we’re talking about.

  2. I would be interested how do you guys like the game, also I totally down to play with some of the DbB readers if you want to group up send me an E-mail 🙂

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