The Death List is Back!

The Death List is Here! Subscribe today!We’re bringing back The Death List! Get the latest news and info on giveaways right in your inbox!

Hi all! This is my first post, so I’ll just take a second to say I’m stoked to work with JT on making Death by Beta even more awesome than it already is.

We’ve been spending a lot of time discussing how we can make DBB even better, and without revealing too much I can say we have exciting stuff coming up. That said, we’ve been sorely lacking a newsletter to keep our readers up to date on news, giveaways and other cool stuff. So, we’re happy to announce that we’re revamping The Death List as our free newsletter to readers.

The format is pretty simple – you subscribe, and we keep you up to date via email. The mailing schedule isn’t final yet, but generally emails will be small digests of DBB posts (such as our recent post about Bilzzard’s OverWatch Beta) with links to the main article – We don’t want to feel “spammy” in any way, so at most we will try to limit our digests to one per day, and there shouldn’t be more than a few emails per week unless things get really exciting.

In most cases, the content will be similar to what you get on our site and social media – however, there will be Death List specific giveaways down the road that will be worth signing up for.

The sign up form is at the top of the page – just put in your email address and check your emails for the confirm link.

PS: In addition to our Facebook and Twitter pages, we’ve now got an Instagram page! (@deathbybeta)


The Death List is Here! Subscribe Today!


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