InSomnia Kickstarter and Demo

InSomnia Kickstarter and DemoWell here is some news that I meant to post about a couple of weeks ago but it completely slipped my mind. Better late than never I suppose. If you happen to recall, almost two years ago I mentioned the InSomnia Kickstarter and its technical demo. I actually liked the look of the game and so I pledged for for the campaign that ended up being successfully funded. Well, fast forward to now and Studio MONO is back with a second InSomnia Kickstarter is hopes of raising a little bit more cash to finish off the game, and there is an updated alpha InSomnia demo available for everyone to check out.

InSomnia looks to be a gritty sci-fi RPG, which is what attracted me to the game the first time around. In the game you take control of a citizen of a huge space-station-like ship that has been carrying the remnants of humanity (or some human like race) for four hundred years as it makes its way towards some final destination. Your character is awoken from cryogenic sleep to find that all is not well on the huge ark, dubbed Object 6. From there you can set out to explore the ship and found out just what the heck is going on. The new InSomnia Kickstarter has a lot of new information to share about the game, including the hardcore combat system that sounds really great.

If you are curious about the game then I recommend that you download the InSomnia demo to check it out. The demo is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. If you like what you see then consider supporting this second InSomnia Kickstarter. Admittedly, that is a bit self serving since I really want the game to succeed since I pledged previously, but hopefully you will forgive me for that. Enjoy!



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