Fantasy Tales Online Early Access (Free to Play)

Fantasy Tales Online Early AccessSo a couple of weeks ago, Gabriel Perez from Cold Tea Studio emailed DBB to give us the heads up about the Fantasy Tales early access that was in the works. Well, I am happy to announce that the Fantasy Tales early access did launch late last week and is completely free to play.

Fantasy Tales Online is an indie MMORPG developed by three friends who set out with the goal of producing a polished retro-style MMORPG. It would appear that they are succeeding. However, before you run off to try out the game, make sure you take note of the “retro-style” aspect. Fantasy Tales Online makes use a pseudo top down and side scrolling kind of style that was common with older console RPGs. Check out the Fantasy Tales Online early access trailer below to see what I mean.

Assuming that you are OK with that part, Fantasy Tales Online looks to have plenty of MMO-goodness packed into it, such as grouping with other players to tackle raid dungeons, a massive world to explore, bosses to slay, loot to collect, crafting, and plenty of character customization. You know, the regular MMORPG jazz (which is a good thing).

If that sounds like your cup’o’tea then I suggest you head over to the Fantasy Tales Online early access page on Steam and download the game for free. There is a cash shop in game to purchase extra stuff (no pay to win though by the sound of it), or you can opt to purchase the early access Frontier Pack if you would like to help support the game. Otherwise, it is free to try. Enjoy!



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