GODHOOD Alpha and Kickstarter

GODHOOD Alpha and KickstarterA couple of days ago, DBB received an email from GekidoRising asking if we would be so kind mention his in-development indie game, GODHOOD, to all of you. Well, you know our policy of “ask and ye shall receive” and in this case it is rather apropos since the GODHOOD alpha is freely available to download and try out. The GODHOOD alpha is being released in parallel with the game’s Kickstarter campaign, which you can also check out.

GODHOOD is a side scrolling brawling game with a bit of a musical twist. Essentially, you are rewarded in some fashion for timing your attacks and combos to the music. If I understand the game’s info correctly, keeping in rhythm with the music will makes your combos better in some fashion. I recommend checking out the GODHOOD Kickstarter and website for more information about the game and the story.

Or better yet try the GODHOOD alpha if you are curious about the game. GekidoRising mentioned that he just uploaded an updated version of the alpha yesterday, so you can try out the very latest version of the game. If you are into it then consider also supporting the GODHOOD Kickstarter as well. Enjoy!



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