Paragon Beta Weekends

Paragon Beta WeekendsSo here is some news that was announced last week and is worth reading over if you have been interested in checking out Paragon, the incoming third person MOBA from Epic Game.  Actually, this is an update to the last post I made regarding Paragon and its beta testing.

Epic is going to start running some Paragon beta weekends, starting with this incoming weekend (April 28 – May 1), and if you signed up for the closed beta previously then there is a good chance you have already been invited into the first weekend, which is being held as a stress test. The second weekend is also a stress test and, according to the Paragon beta weekends announcement, anyone that signs up before May 1 will get an invite.

I was invited to the Paragon beta awhile back but I couldn’t overcome my MOBA fatigue in order to try it out. Still, I may give this weekend a try just to see how it is and help in the stress test. If you haven’t yet signed up for the Paragon beta, make sure you do so before May 1. Or, if you prefer, you can purchase a Founder’s Pack and get in on all of the testing. Check it out!



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