Elder Scrolls: Legends Closed Beta

Elder Scrolls: Legends Closed BetaWell, it would appear that Bethesda are not about to be shut out of surging trend that is online collectible card games, certainly not when the likes of Blizzard are reaping the benefits of building Hearthstone on the WoW franchise. Bethesda clearly figured that the Elder Scrolls franchise was equally attractive fodder for the genre, and thus we now the Elder Scrolls: Legends CCG. Moreover, it appears that the Elder Scrolls: Legends closed beta fired up yesterday and you can sign up for a chance to participate!

As you would expect, in Elder Scrolls: Legends, players will construct decks of cards with which to do battle. However, it seems that Legends is trying a different twist in that decks appear to be constructed around five primary “stats” within the game, and the final deck composition depends on the stats chosen. I won’t do the description justice so I recommend that you check out the “What Is The Elder Scrolls: Legends?” post published yesterday by Bethesda. Also, like other the other major online cards games (or offline, for that matter), Elders Scrolls: Legends will have a few different modes available to try out for both single player and multiplayer, including a campaign mode, and constructed deck mode, and an Arena mode that is the more-or-less equivalent of drafting modes in other games.

I also recommend watching the gameplay overview video below because it goes into some extra details about how the actual matches play out. One interesting aspect is that the game board is divided into side by side lanes rather than the more typical top and bottom fields. There are few other features that seems unique to Legends, and I am guessing that Bethesda is hoping to set itself apart from the competition in few different ways. Like I said, watch the video below for more details.

If you are interested in signing up for a chance to participate in the Elder Scrolls: Legends closed beta, you should head over to the game’s website and sign in to (or create) your Bethesda account to opt in.  Check it out!



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