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LOR-keys-postA few days ago, Mitchel Alfaro from Wicked Interactive emailed me to ask if Death by Beta would be interested in giving away a bunch of beta keys for the upcoming Luna Online Reborn closed beta, and of course I said “abosolutely!”  However, I must be upfront in saying that I know nothing of Luna Online Reborn or the original Luna Online MMORPG.  If you are in the same boat as me then the official game description below may be helpful:


“Luna Online: Reborn is an anime themed MMORPG set in the cute fantasy world of Blueland. The game is a remake of the popular Luna Online, now published by Suba Games. It provides adjustments to original content that remove any negative experience gamers reported about Luna Plus.

Furthermore, we’ve added in new Realm Vs Realm & Real Time Ranking Systems that are certain to provide a new meaning to gaining dominance over Luna castle.

– Explore the vibrant, beautiful world of Blueland.
– Experience over 500 skills and 116 classes as well as over 50 000 items.
– Start your own family.
– Own your own house & farm and expand both!
– Customize your gameplay with over 100 pets.
… and much more!

A redone character progression speed will make sure you actually have a chance to reach the highest level. No race creation limit, pick the race you’re happy with right off the bat, no need to wait. If you don’t like the skills that you chose, no problem, you can just reset them!

Weekly Guild Vs Guild battles determine who rules over the great Luna Castle! Pick your team and challenge other guilds in tournaments for glory and prizes.
Customize your gear and upgrade it to suit your needs, win epic rare loot if you have the skills to take down bosses in our raid system. Gather crafting materials and make your own items for sale to others.

Boost your gear with a gem-upgrade system for even more powerful stats.
Our matchmaking system will make it easier for you to find that special someone to love and cherish!
After that, follow each other down the aisle as you partake in a wedding ceremony. You can even start your own family!

Settle down in your own home and decorate it as you like. Setup a farm and grow your own harvest or relax by a peaceful lake with the birds chirping and catch some wild fish to cook.

Ride around in dozens of vehicles, and mounts. Whether you prefer to ride in style in a fancy car, get around in a UFO or go old school and ride a horse, the choice is yours. There’s even a steampunk skateboard!

Over 70 different pets and mounts to choose from, both creature and mechanical. Raise and rank up your pets. Care for them and they will surely stand by you. In a future update there will even be a pet mating system!”


Well there you have it.  If you are interested in testing out the Luna Online Reborn closed beta when it launches later on this month then grab a key below quickly before they are all gone!  You may also want to check out the games Steam Greenlight page and Kickstarter campaign for more information.

Instructions on how to redeem the keys will be included with the confirmation email.  Enjoy!



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7 thoughts on “Luna Online Reborn Beta Keys

  1. Well, as for me, site is totally broken. Me and my GF can neither register nor login anyhow. Firstly it says my Login ID is already in use (which is very unusual), after picking another Login ID it says my email is already in use.

  2. According to the site (the Luna Online site), all of my email addresses are already in use.
    And I’m sure this is the first time I am hearing of this game, so could someone help me out please?

    • That is odd. Couldn’t you just do a password reset using one of the email addresses? It might then send something to one of your addresses to let you log in.

      • The weirdest thing happened.
        Even though I couldn’t go through the entire process of registering, it still let me login. I don’t quite understand how it worked but as long as it worked, I’m happy!

  3. Just wanted to tell you, that there seems to be a problem with your site, when browsing from germany.

    It shows the site as down for me since a month, but since you continued posting on fb and twitter i tried with a vpn from usa now and it loads normally.

    Maybe you can have a look into it.

    • I am not sure what the issue is. I check the security features and blocked IPs, and there isn’t anything blocked for IPs in Germany.

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