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Shadwen DemoThis is a piece of news that has been making the rounds in the PC game news world the past day or two, but just in case you haven’t heard about it the makers of Trine have released a demo to their latest inbound game called Shadwen.  If you like stealth games then this is one to check out.

Shadwen from Frozenbyte clearly takes some cues from Trine, notably the Thief.  You control the titular character, an assassin who is trying to off the king of the land, and for some reason she is bogged down by a companion girl named Lily for reasons that aren’t clear to me.  Anyway, besides sneaking around in the Shadows to avoid or kill guards, she can also use her grappling hook to swing around the world and manipulate objects.  Shadwen also seems to take a page from SUPERHOT, and time only passes in the world while you are moving.  If you stop moving, everything stands still so that you can look around and plan your next move.  You can also rewind time if you like.

I tried out the demo this morning and it seems like the game will be a lot of fun.  One interesting feature of the demo is that during the next four days, everyone’s progress through the demo is tracked, and the final price of the game when it launches is reduced as more progress in made by all players in the demo.  You can follow this progress and see the current release price over on the Shadwen website.  If you would like to participate you can download the game via Steam, Humble Bundle, of GoG.  Check out the Shadwen site for more details.  Enjoy!



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