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I have, admittedly, notFragmented-post been following the development of The Repopulation lately and so I didn’t hear about the recent problems that the game’s development has been going through until today.  It sounds like the development team needs to port the whole game over to the Unreal Engine which is going to take some time.  However, while that happens the dev team have decided to release a slimmed down version of the game as an online survival shooter called Fragmented.  It sounds like the Fragmented closed testing is now underway and you can sign up for a chance to participate (thanks for Massively OP for spreading the news about this).

There is a lot of information available about the current state of The Repopulation and about Fragmented, so I suggest that you head over to the Fragmented website and read it over. It sounds like there will be plenty of typical features that you would expect from an online survival shooter these days, such as crafting, combat, and PvP. Check out the Fragmented pre-alpha trailer below for a glimpse into the game.

If you are interested in having a shot at participating in the Fragmented closed testing you can fill out the registration form, but read the information carefully because you will need a hefty rig in order to play the game.  Check it out!



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