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Disc Jam Alpha RegistrationOur good friend Mesh at Downtime Distraction emailed DBB this week to let us know about Disc Jam, and new arena game that is being developed by High Horse Entertainment.  More specifically, DTD wanted to let us know that you can sign up to help test out the Disc Jam alpha.  Actually, by the sound of it, Disc Jam is still in the pre-alpha testing stage using discrete testing weekends.  The last testing event took place this past weekend, and presumably there will be more events down the road (knock on wood).

Disc Jam looks quite fun.  When I first watched the gameplay videos my initial impulse was to describe the game as a cross between air hockey, tennis, and Tron.  Two players face off in an arena with one spinning disc between them.  You must get the disc past your opponent to score.  There doesn’t seem to be much to it than that but sometimes the simplest concepts are the best.  Check out the gameplay video below from Downtime Distraction to get a better sense of the game.

If you want to sign up for the Disc Jam alpha just in case they do run more testing events then head over to the alpha registration page and enter your email address.  It sounds like you will be sent a Steam key if you are selected for testing.  Check it out!



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