The Division Open Beta

The Division Open BetaWell it would appear that The Division is now plummeting towards its launch in March, but not before one last testing breath is taken.  Starting tomorrow, February 19, The Division open beta will be available for everyone to try for a few days.

Since I have mentioned The Division from Ubisoft several times already I won’t bother insulting your intelligence with another drawn out recap.  Multiplayer survival shooter in a catastrophic New York city is pretty much all you need to know.  The open beta announcement states that there will be a new story mission for everyone to try.  Oh, and the rampant cheating that was observed in the closed beta has been mostly fixed, which I take to mean that Ubisoft is gently warning you that “cheeterz R gunna cheet” and you will be annoyed by it.  Have fun with that I guess.

Anyway, The Division open beta client is available for preloading so if you are interested in participating in this weekend’s open beta test then I suggest you grab it ahead of time from your localized Ubisoft website.  Oh, and check out the spanky new open beta trailer below.  Enjoy!



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