Final Supernova Closed Beta

Final Supernova Closed BetaOne of our uses, Kris, was kind enough to email DBB the other day to inform us that the final Supernova closed beta event starts tomorrow, February 19, so if you haven’t yet signed up now would be a good time (thanks, Kris!).  Of course, the even better news relating to this is that the Supernova open beta is inbound at some point in the near future, so even if you don’t get a chance to test out the game this coming weekend you will be able to freely do so down the road.

Supernova is another contender in the already overflowing MOBA genre, and if you are suffering from MOBA burn out then this probably won’t be the one for you.  Still, Supernova is trying to set itself apart by allowing players to upgrade and alter the minions that swarm down the lanes.  Beyond that I can’t really say if it is a stand out MOBA or not because I haven’t yet tried the game.  Still, Supernova sounds like it is decent game from what I have heard.

If you want a chance to play in this coming Supernova closed beta weekend then I suggest you head over to the game’s website and sign up pronto.  Check it out!



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