Atlas Reactor Alpha Sneak Peek Week

Atlas Reactor Alpha Sneak Peek WeekBack in August of last year I mentioned the Atlas Reactor alpha test that was about to start up, and no doubt every single one of you heeded my advice to sign up.  Well those that didn’t (shame on you) or those that missed the news, you will be happy to know that Trion is holding an Atlas Reactor alpha sneak peek week starting on February 18.  Some people are calling this an open alpha test although the announcement post doesn’t actually say that the event is unlimited, just including a much larger crowd.

Atlas Reactor from Trion Worlds is incoming mutliplayer team-based game in which everyone takes their turns simultaneously.  That certainly will cut down on wasted time sitting around waiting for other players to take their turn, and I imagine will add something to the tactical depth as you try to guess what your opponents will do.  It sounds like there has been a lot of improvements to the game since the alpha started, such as new maps and heroes, and some new progression systems.  Check out the Atlas Reactor alpha sneak peek week announcement for more details, and check out the sneak peek week video below.

From the sound of it, you still need to register for the Atlas Reactor alpha test in order to take part in the sneak peek week, so I encourage you to head over and sign up.  Get on it!



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