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Culling-postSo you know how in many of those multiplayer exploration and survival games you invariably run across a colourful variety of dingbat players that are more than happy to ruin your day and hasten your death?  Well, The Culling is looking to cater to exactly that type of player, and if that sounds like your thing then you will be happy to know that The Culling alpha registration is live and waiting for you to sign up, you sick psychopath.

The Culling from Xaviant appears to be a something akin to a lighthearted version of the Hunger Games story, and by that I mean I don’t believe you are fighting to prevent some totalitarian government from wiping out your province.  “Lighthearted” is definitely a relative term in this, and if the gameplay trailer is any indication there will be plenty of rather dark and devious ways to off your opponents.  Sixteen players go in, one comes out.  You will need to find or construct the weapons and traps that you will use to kill the other players.  It is completely up to you to decide how to survive and hunt down your opponents in the 20 minutes that each match lasts.  Watch the trailer for an idea of what I mean.

According to the game’s Twitter account, the alpha test will start later this month, so make sure you head over to The Culling alpha registration page and sign up now!  Check it out!



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