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Sebastian-postAbout one and a half months ago we told you about the Sebastian Frank: The Beer Hall Putsch, a new point’n’click adventure game from the good Portuguese folks over at Sebastian Frank Games (which I previously called Wittyplot…hopefully I got it correct this time).  At that time we were talking about the demo of the game that was (and still is) available to check out.

Since that time the guys over at SFG has been working towards launching a crowd funding campaign to help finance the remaining development of the game.  And so, about five days ago, Wittyplot fired up the Sebastian Frank Indiegogo campaign and is looking for your help to get the game through the final stretch.  As I mentioned last time after trying the demo myself, Sebastian Frank takes place between the two World Wars.  You must guide Sebastian in his quest to somehow stop Adolf Hitler from taking power.  As is typical of such point’n’click adventure games, you can expect plenty of puzzles and humour strewn about the game.

The Sebastian Frank Indiegogo doesn’t have any game testing included as part of the perk tiers, which would normally disqualify it from being mentioned here on DBB.  But it does still have the demo attached to it so we can make an exception.  Plus the guys at SFG have been asking very nicely so that is worth something too.  So check out the Sebastian Frank Indiegogo, try out the demo, and help make this point’n’click adventure game a reality.  Enjoy!



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