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CONSORTIUM: The Tower KickstarterTime for our first report on a Kickstarter campaign in 2016, and I am happy that it happens to be about the CONSORTIUM: The Tower Kickstarter.  I am happy not only because The Tower looks quite intriguing but also because this Kickstarter is from Interdimensional Games Inc. (iDGi) who just happens to be a group of fellow Vancouverites.  As a side note that won’t mean much to most of you, I have probably driven by their offices on Nelson street many times without realizing it (until now that is).

Anyway, let’s move on.  The Tower from iDGi is a follow on to the successful CONSORTIUM.  I say successful because of the feedback about the game that I have heard and read.  I actually grabbed the original CONSORTIUM over the weekend but haven’t had a chance to try it, but from what I understand is an RPG that focuses very heavily on its interactive story and a some over-arching mysteries that will span across a trilogy of games.  I will update this post once I give it a try, but for now I recommend reading over the CONSORTIUM Steam page and then checking out the CONSORTIUM: The Tower Kickstarter to see where the trilogy is heading next.  If you into immersive games then both the original game and The Tower will be worth a look.  The game is being described by iDGi as a cross between the original Deus Ex game and original Die Hard movie.  I don’t know about you but that sounds pretty kick ass to me.

As always, game testing is our focus, and the CONSORTIUM: The Tower Kickstarter will help scratch that itch since alpha and beta testing is included starting at the $35 tier.  Oh, and the Kickstarter is running in Canadian dollars which means that it will be inexpensive to pledge for our neighbours south of the border thanks to our dollar being in the toilet right now.  Check it out!



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