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Sebastian Frank DemoApparently DBB has made some new friends over in Portugal!  A couple of days ago Cláudio Fernandes from Wittyplot based in Portugal emailed DBB to point us in the direction of their new adventure game, Sebastian Frank.  More specifically, they pointed us in the direction of the Sebastian Frank demo that is currently available for all of you to download and check out.

Sebastian Frank: The Beer Hall Putsch is a point’n’click adventure game set (mostly) in Germany during the period between the two World Wars.  You take control of Sebastian Frank in his quest to stop Hitler’s rise to power prior to the second World War (oh Sebastian, if only you had succeeded).  As you discover early on in the game, Sebastian knows Hitler personally thanks a stint in an Austrian art school, and Sebastian doesn’t trust him.  Check out the demo to see more about this.

I myself gave the demo a quick whirl this morning, and it picks up right after the prologue shown in the video below.  Sebastian Frank seems like it is exactly what you would expect from a point’n’click adventure.  Humour, interesting characters, puzzles, objects to find and use, janitors to piss off, and so on.  Plus the artistic style is quite engaging in my opinion.  If you are fan of point’n’click adventure games then it is worth checking out the Sebastian Frank demo to see what you think (available for Windows, Mac, and Linux).  Keep an eye on the Willyplot website for more about Sebastian Frank.  Enjoy!



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