Albion Online Early Access

Albion Online Early AccessYou might have noticed a lack of “early access” posts as of late, and there is a couple of reasons for that.  First, as I have mentioned elsewhere recently, I have become increasingly busy lately in my non-gaming life, and something around here had to give (there is only me and Nick working on the site these days).  Plus, I have becomes increasingly displeased with the notion of alpha and beta tests that can only be accessed via spending money.  Anyway, all that aside, one of the DBB readers did reach out to highlight the Albion Online early access closed beta that started up this week and thus I wanted to post about it.

It has been some time since DBB talked about Albion Online from Sandbox Interactive.  Sandbox clearly take their own name seriously since Albion Online is being developed as a sandbox MMORPG that also tends towards the more hardcore sides of things.  Open world PvP is one of the big selling points, although rest assured that their is also some PvE content as well.  In depth crafting, player owned real estate, and a player driven economy are also big features.  Plus, all of this is presented using a really attractive isometric perspective that is sure to please most players.

To the best of my knowledge (and please feel free to let me know otherwise) the Albion Online closed beta is only accessible by purchasing one of the Founder’s Packs, which is why I am calling this an early access test.  Should you be interested in getting involved in the Albion Online early access closed beta then grabbing any of the packs will get you into the game along with some other goodies.  Give it a look!



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