Wincars Racer Beta Keys

Wincars Racer Beta Key GiveawayWell, we told you a couple of days ago that this was happening, and here go.  The good folks over at DragonJam Studios were kind enough to send Death by Beta a huge number of keys to the Wincars Racer beta test that starts up today!  All you have to do is head below and grab a key while you can!  They are first come, first served, so don’t delay in grabbing a key.

Wincars Racer is all about over the top fun and hectic multiplayer arcade-esque racing using a collection of crazy drivers and crazier cars!  Once you grab a key you can redeem it over on the Wincars Racer website, and while you are there I recommend check out the new players guide that will give you the basics of how to play.

Ok, enough about that.  Grab a Wincars Racer beta key and enjoy the test!



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