Zems Kickstarter (and alpha)

Zems KickstarterIt would seem that Impulse Ltd. is pulling out all of the stops at once when it comes to their new online card game, Zems.  What with launching their open alpha test a few days ago and then the Zems Kickstarter going live yesterday, it feels like all Zems all the time!

If you recall, when I have talked about Zems in the past I have lamented the fact that there has never been much public information about the game.  Well, that has all changed now with the launch of the Zems Kickstarter.  It is worth reading over to get an idea of how this turn-based tactical game with cards and deck building will work.  I also like how weather effects will play a huge part of the game, which may affect how troops move across the battlefield and can even be used to deal damage.  Finally, The Zems Kickstarter introduces some of the heroes that will be available during the game.

Let me once again mention the Zems open alpha.  You have to admire companies that let it all hang out there during a Kickstarter knowing full well that any problems with an alpha client may dissuade someone from backing, so kudos to Team Impulse for allowing people to try before they buy, so to speak.  I do recommend trying the open alpha to see what you think about Zems, and if you like what you see please do consider backing the game.  Also, beta testing access is included with every tier that gets you the game, so presumably the beta won’t be an open affair.  Keep that in mind, and check it out!



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