Zems Open Alpha

Zems AlphaIt has been awhile since we talked about Zems, the new online card and tactical turn-based game from Team Impulse.  I was on the verge of posting about the Zems alpha a few weeks ago, but then suddenly it was postponed.  Well, the Zems alpha is once again back on the table, and in fact in launches tomorrow, November 14!  Better yet, you can still sign up to get involved.

There still seems to be an infuriating lack of information about Zems, although thankfully there are now some gamepay videos available.  Zems combine typical online card and deck building with a more dynamic hex-based battlefield.  Troops can be place by playing cards and maneuvered around in a turn-based fashion, while other cards can be played to cast spells across the battlefield.  Check out the gameplay video below for a better idea about the game.

Every indication points towards the Zems alpha being fairly unrestricted.  From what I gather from the Zems Twitter account, if you sign up for the Zems alpha you will very likely get an invite.  So if you are looking for a new tactical game to test out, especially one with cards and deck building, then Zems is worth a look.  Check it out!



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