The Death List for September and October 2015

The Death List for September and October 2015

It would appear that we missed posting a Death List for September, and so to make up for it here is the double list for September and October!  Check out the full Death List below for a summary of all of the interesting PC gaming test news from the past two months.



Tricone Labs Alpha Hands-on (Puzzle)
Wild Terra Alpha Hands-on (MMORPG Survival Sandbox)
Roll Playing Game Alpha Hands-on (Maze Puzzle)


Alpha Testing News:

Rising Thunder Open Alpha (Side Scrolling 1v1 Melee Combat)
Fangold Alpha Registration (Online CCG)
Wild Terra Open Alpha Weekend (MMORPG Survival Sandbox)
Das Tal 9-day Alpha Event (MMORPG Sandbox)
Dungeon Defenders II Open Alpha (Third Person Tower Defense Shooter)
Battleborn Technical Test (Multiplayer Shooter)
Black Desert Alpha (MMORPG)


Beta Testing News:

Arena of Fate Closed Beta (MOBA)
Project New Sky Beta Registration (Golf?)
Fangold Beta Registration (Online CCG)
Rainbow Six Siege Closed Beta (Multiplayer Shooter)
First Assault Closed Beta (Multiplayer Shooter)
Battlefront Open Beta (Multiplayer Shooter)
Overwatch Beta (Multiplayer Shooter)
Chronicle Closed Beta Registration (Online CCG)
Wild Run Beta Registration (Online Racing)
Armored Warfare Open Beta (Online Tank Arena)
Devilian Closed Beta (ARPG-MMO)
Skara Closed Beta (Multiplayer Melee Arena)
Duelyst Open Beta (1v1 Turn-based Tactical)
Blade and Soul Closed Beta Registration (MMORPG)


Early Access Testing News:

Devilian (ARPG-MMO)
Pulsar (Starship Command)



Outer Wilds (Exploration Sandbox)
Beep Boop Bot (Isometric Shooter)
Tank Tactics (Puzzle Shooter)
Roll Playing Game (Maze Puzzle)
Demetrios (Point’n’Click Adventure)


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