Tricone Lab Kickstarter

Tricone Lab KickstarterWe have been talking about Tricone Lab quite a bit recently, what with our recent Tricone Lab hands-on and beta key giveaway and all.  Well, there is more Tricone Lab related news for you to digest because the Tricone Lab Kickstarter is now underway and looking for your support.

Since you can go back and read my Tricone Lab hands-on, I won’t bother describing this unique and challenging puzzle game.  It really is a wonderfully designed puzzle game that also includes a nice level editor so that players can design and share their own puzzles!

We are breaking the rules a little bit here because the Tricone Lab Kickstarter doesn’t include any form of testing access that I can see, but given that Josh Singer from Partickhill Games was kind enough to give us access and some keys to give away, we would like to return the favour.  The Kickstarter is only asking for a small amount in order to help Josh push out the final stages of game development, so it won’t take much to get it funded.  Check it out!



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