Eternal Arenas Kickstarter

Eternal Arenas KickstarterSo it looks like the makers of FORCED are back with a new game, and thanks to our good friend Kusaha for emailing us about this.  This time BetaDwarf have decided to take the crowdfunding route with the FORCED: Eternal Arenas Kickstarter.

From what I am gathering from the Eternal Arenas information, it does indeed use the FORCED name but it doesn’t appear to be a sequel per se.  Gone is the high intensity co-op puzzle and battle arenas of the first game.  Instead, Eternal Arenas appears to be more of a high intesity single player arena game.  Like the original FORCED (which I really enjoy playing), you play the game from a top-down isometric perspective.  Unlike the original, there is now card deck building.  “Diablo meets Heartstone” is the exact description used in the Eternal Arenas Kickstarter.

At its heart, Eternal Arenas is a rouge-like that generates new arenas and new challenges every time you play.  And, like other rogue-likes, once you die you are out of the arena.  There does appear to be some form of competitive mode as well.  Daily arena tournaments will be available in which multiple players can compete to see who can reach and defeat the arena boss.  It isn’t clear to me if players fight each other directly in these arenas, but either way they sound fun.  Check out the Eternal Arenas Kickstarter page, Steam page, and official website for more details.

Most of the Eternal Arenas Kickstarter pledge tiers include alpha testing access, so chances are that if you pledge you will be testing the game when the campaign ends.  Also, some of the higher tiers include a 1-year premium subscription to the EvolveHQ, a social gaming service which you can read about over at the EvolveHQ website.  If that is something that interests you then you may want to consider grabbing a relevant pledge tier.  Check it out!




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