Tricone Lab Beta Key Giveaway Incoming!

Tricone Lab Beta Key Giveaway Incoming!Following our recent string of beta key giveaways, we received feedback from some of our reader lamenting the fact that we didn’t give more of of “heads up” warning about the giveaways and they missed out.  Well, never let it be said that we here at DBB don’t listen to our audience!  And so, here is your pre-giveaway warning shot that we will be running a Tricone Lab beta key giveaway this coming Monday, October 5, at 11 am Pacific!

If you are new here and haven’t heard about Tricone Lab then let me point you to our recent hands-on with the Tricone Lab alpha.  It is a really slick puzzle game that includes 100 levels and a fully functional level editor for you to create and share your own puzzles.  I really enjoyed playing the game even though it really started bending my mind in knots as the levels because more involved and complicated.

So watch for our Tricone Lab beta key giveaway this coming Monday!  Get ready!



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