Armored Warfare Open Beta Incoming

Armored Warfare Open Beta IncomingWe have mentioned Armored Warfare a number of time over the past 9-10 months as it has slowly wound its way through its closed beta testing.  Well it appears that the end is in sight for us to report on it since the Armored Warfare open beta was announced yesterday and will be firing up on October 8!  If you have been waiting to try out this game of rolling thunder your chance will soon be here.

Since we have talked about Armored Warfare often I don’t suppose there is any need to really go into detail about the game.  Tank arena game featuring modern tanks with plenty of PvP action and even PvE co-op content to boot.  If you love trundling around a battlefield in a heavily armored vehicle o’death, then Armored Warfare is worth checking out!

Note that while the Armored Warfare open beta starts on October 8, the head start open beta actually goes live tomorrow on October 1 for anyone that has purchased a Founder’s Pack.  If you can’t wait to get into the action then that is the way to go.  Check it out!



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