First Wonder Kickstarter

First Wonder KickstarterWell, I woke up to discover some great news.  Apparently Kabuto is coming back!  At least, sort of coming back in the form of First Wonder, a game that is being billed as a spiritual successor to a number of classic games such as MDK and Giants: Citizen Kabuto.  If the game pulls that off it should be a really fun romp!  Thus, I am excited to tell all of you about the First Wonder Kickstarter that recently launched.

Giants: Citizen Kabuto was a bit of a sleeper hit for me that I didn’t try until well after it was released but that I enjoyed immensely.  It was just a tonne of fun to play, and the story was hilarious at times as well and really kept me engaged.  When you watch the First Wonder Kickstarter from Rogue Rocket Games you can instantly see the fingerprints of Giants: Citizen Kabuto all over it, especially in the form of the quartet of over-boozing under-sexed alien Cargonauts.  The Giant makes a return as well, this time being called Monstro.  The game will focus on story and accomplishing a series of goals within the game, and this bleeds over into the asymmetrical multiplayer side of things.  In multiplayer, the goal is less about direct combat and more about Monstro trying to complete a series of goals while the boozing Cargonaut players must try to thwart him or her in a number of different ways.  Check out the First Wonder Kickstarter for more information.

As always, testing is our priority, and thankfully the First Wonder Kickstarter does include beta access with every meaningful pledge tier.  Get over there and help make First Wonder a reality.  You can also vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.  Check it out!



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