Wild Terra Alpha Hands-on

Wild Terra Mini Hands-onHi everyone, Psychophobic here.  I am taking a break from manning the DBB social feeds in order to tell you a little bit about Wild Terra, the new sandbox MMORPG that is being developed by Juvty Worlds.  One of the reps from Juvty contacted DBB a few weeks ago and offered us access to the Wild Terra alpha in order to see what we thought about it.  Since I was a big fan of Ultima Online back in the day the others here at DBB figured I should be the one to check it out given that Wild Terra was giving off that type of vibe.  I have been playing it for the past couple of weeks and I wanted to share my thoughts with you in this quick Wild Terra alpha mini hands-on.  Oh, and I need to apologize in advance that I was unable to get my screen capture software up and running properly.  As a result I cribbed the stock footage and screenshots from the Wild Terra website.

So far, I have to say Wild Terra has a lot of potential! Granted, it is still early in development so there is still much content to add and improve on. That said, when I first stepped foot into Wild Terra I realized that, as advertised, it is very much a survival PvP game at it’s core. The wild animals are just as dangerous as the other players can be. Even when you are fully geared the wild animals can still be a challenge.  Survival is the name of the game at all times.


Wild Terra Mini Hands-on


Fortunately, like in every online survival PvP game, there are some players that want to work together to stay safe. I found early on that it is crucial to team up with others in order to accelerate your progression. The further and faster you progress the safer you are, not only from the wildlife but more importantly the hostile players that you will inevitably encounter. Wild Terra uses a full loot system that can be pretty devastating depending on what you were carrying at the time of your death. It makes you fight harder to keep it, and even when disaster strikes half the fun is trying to get it back! Our initial Ultima Online vibe was indeed founded and playing Wild Terra brings back some very fond memories of UO.

One thing that I found to be fun and mischievous is raiding other player’s supplies while exploring.  Yes, I am THAT guy. If they weren’t smart enough to keep their stashes safely hidden or locked inside their homes then it is fair game in my opinion! Speaking of supplies and loot, there are chests that spawn throughout the landscape containing special items and recipes. I like this since it encourages exploration and risk in hopes of attaining blueprints for special items or buildings that are needed to upgrade certain items, your home, or other stuff. This also becomes one of the main reasons to expand your territory; you need to fit the required buildings and facilities within the land that you own and protect.



So whether it is skinning pelts for leather armor or forging your first steel sword or chopping down trees for your ramparts or collecting stone for your castle walls there will be lots to do in Wild Terra as it develops. This is a game that requires a certain amount of risk and sacrifice, but the rewards feel very satisfying. And once you have it all it becomes about keeping it all!

I have had a lot of fun testing the Wild Terra even at this early stage where there isn’t yet a huge amount of content.  I am eager to see what new additions they have in store for us! We here at Death By Beta look forward to the further development of Wild Terra, and as always will keep you informed of new updates regarding testing!  Oh, and just so you know, you can gain access to the Wild Terra alpha by picking up one of the early access bundles from the Wild Terra website, so be sure to give it a look.


Wild Terra Mini Hands-on


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