Armored Warfare Public Stress Tests

Armored Warfare Public Stress TestsThis was actually announced yesterday, although in some ways it was fortuitous that we waited until today to tell you about it because there was an update this morning regarding the Armored Warfare public stress tests that happen this week.  These tests will take place tomorrow (Sept 24) and on Saturday (Sept 26) with the start times being different for the EU and NA servers.  If you have been waiting to try out Armored Warfare this will be a good time to give it a shot.

As we have talked about on several occasions in the past, Armored Warfare is a more modern take on the team-based tank pseudo-simulation arena game (there is probably a better way to say that) and gives you a chance to tool around in some current day armored beasts.  There also sounds like there will be a good deal of PvE and co-op content for those that are less inclined to be smacked down by other players.

If you are interested in jumping into one or both of the Armored Warfare public stress tests, please note that the client will be available for download as early as tonight depending on where you are.  Read over the updated announcement for more details.  Oh, and don’t forget that you can grab an Armored Warfare Founder’s Pack if you like what you see. Enjoy!



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