PULSAR Early Access

PULSAR Early AccessI am quite confident that every single one of my fellow geeks has at least once in their life day dreamed about being a captain or crew member (likely the latter) on a space ship of some kind.  Don’t lie, I know you have.  The good folks over at Leafy Games also are betting that is true, and they are aiming to bring you one step closer to fulfilling that day dream with the recently released PULSAR early access.

PULSAR: Lost Colony is all about putting you and up to four friends in command of an advanced starship and tossing you out into the randomly generated galaxy to explore, fight, run missions, and generally do whatever you want.  You can go it alone, but the co-op experience is where it is at.  Each player takes on a different role: captain, science officer, weapons specialist, engineer, and pilot.  I can imagine that all of you are already thinking that some of those roles sound less fun than the other (yeah I am looking at you, Scientist), but rest assured that Leafy Games has designed each role to be unique, engaging, and important.  I recommend reading over the official Classes information because each role sounds like a lot of fun.  Whether you are trying to keep your ship in one piece during space combat by rerouting systems, or fighting aliens on the surface of an unknown planet, everyone will have lots to do. If successfully operating a starship is your dream, PULSAR looks to deliver that experience in spades!

I should probably put it out there that the visuals aren’t going to compare to current AAA games, but don’t let that dissuade you from checking the game out.  PULSAR is all about the gameplay, and judging from the almost unanimous positive feedback on Steam thus far, I would say that Leafy Games are onto something.  As always the standard early access warnings of bugs and missing content applies, but from the sound of it the PULSAR early accesse is already highly functional, especially for co-op.  Check it out!



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