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Duelyst Beta RegistrationWell it seems that we completely missed the boat on this one, but at some point in the past month or so the Duelyst beta went live and everyone can sign up for a chance to test out the game.  I apologize for missing this one, which is lame since DBB is following the Duelyst Twitter account.  If not for a post on Rock Paper Shotgun yesterday we might have remained clueless.  Speaking of Rock Paper Shotgun, they are giving away 10000 Duelyst beta keys, and as I write this it appears that they still have some available.  Grab one while you can and you can skip the Duelyst beta registration all together!

The last time we mentioned Duelyst was a year and half ago when the game successfully completed its Kickstarter campaign.  Duelyst is a tactical turn-based game that is specifically designed for 1v1 PvP action, and it is being developed by some veteran game developers including some former Diablo III folks.  Each player builds their deck of units and spells from an available pool of over 300 cards and then launches into fast paced tactical matches with other players that are meant to be short and intense.  Given that the focus is 1v1 PvP, you can expect plenty of leaderboards and tournaments for Duelyst once it officially launches.  It also uses some very attractive retro visuals that is sure to please gamers.

It appears from the Duelyst Kickstarter updates that this is a closed beta of sorts, although with RPS giving away 10000 keys as I write this it would seem that getting a key isn’t a real challenge.  So grab a key while they last or sign up for the Duelyst beta once they are gone.  Get on it!



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