The Death List for August 2015

The Death List for August 2015

My, how the time flies.  It is mid September already so let’s return to last month and recap all of the game testing news in the Death List for August 2015.  One thing that really stood out last month is just how many Kickstarters were launched and then subsequently cancelled.  I didn’t bother listing them below, but I just thought it was unusual.  Fortunately that wasn’t the case for all Kickstarters because Everspace and Aquanox were both successfully funded, and the Divinity: Original Sin 2 Kickstarter is ongoing and well into its stretch goals now.  Of course, there was interesting testing related news last month as well, such as the Gigantic beta firing up and the Dreadnought beta registration going live.  We also seemed wrote up a few new hands-on articles last month.  Check out the rest of the interesting news items from last month in the Death List for August 2015 below!



Systole Mini Hands-on (Side Scrolling Platformer)
XO Q&A (Space Based Strategy and Survival)
Hyperspace Pinball Hands-on (Pinball)
A.I. Invasion Early Access Hands-on (Top-down Shooter)


Alpha Testing News:

Rising Thunder Open Alpha (Side Scrolling 1v1 Melee Combat)
Das Tal Public Testing (Sandbox PvP MMO)
Zems Alpha Event (Online Card Game)
Atlas Reactor Alpha Registration (Multiplayer Turn-Based Tactical)
Battleborn Technical Test Registration (Team-based Shooter)


Beta Testing News:

GW2 Heart of Thorns Beta Weekend (MMORPG)
Paladins Beta Registration (Team Shooter)
Wildstar F2P Closed Beta (MMORPG)
Dreadnought Closed Beta Registration (Team-based Capital Ship Combat)
GamingBattleGround Beta Registration (eSports Tournament Service)
Gigantic Closed Beta (Team-based Shooter MOBA)


Early Access Testing News:

Empyrion (Space Based Survival and Exploration)
Eternal Crusade (Shooter MMO)
Warshift (RTS and Shooter Mash-up)
Duskers (Sci-fi Rogue-like)


Crowdfunding News:

Everspace (Rogue-like Space Combat)
Dark Storm (Steal Shooter)
Aquanox (Underwater Shooter)
Divinity: Original Sin 2 (RPG)



Systole (Side Scrolling Platformer)
Dark Storm (Steal Shooter)


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