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Rainbow Six Siege Beta Key EventWay back in March we told you about the Rainbow Six Siege alpha registration, and since then we really haven’t given the game much thought.  However, yesterday I noticed a post over on PC Gamer about a fun way to snag a Rainbow Six Siege beta key directly from Ubisoft.

For lack of a better term I am calling this an Rainbow Six Siege “event” but really it is a series of online “training” modules in which you are presented with a series of tactical choices that change how your operative will approach each situation.  You don’t control anything directly, but you will see a bunch of videos play out based on your choices (sort of a “choose your own adventure” kind of thing) and as far as I can tell this videos have been produced using the in-game engine.  You will receive a rating at the end of each module.  Complete them all and you can unlock a beta key.

I only tried the first module and so I can’t say if you need to achieve a minimum rating to unlock a key.  However, it appears that you can reset and try them again so I imagine it shouldn’t take too long to get a decent rating if that matters.  In any case, it is a fun way to snag a Rainbow Six Siege beta key and get a glimpse into the game.  One thing though, I can’t quite figure out what regions these codes are for.  If they don’t work for you can always opt to sign up for the RSS beta directly via your local Ubisoft site.  Check it out!



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