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Battle Chasers KickstarterSome Kickstarter campaigns, it would seem, are simply destined for greatness.  Such appears to be the case for the Battle Chasers Kickstarter that is already close to meeting its goal after only a couple of days. And from what I am reading about the game, there is a good reason for that.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar is an RPG from Airship Syndicate that incorporates classic JRPG turn based combat with some more modern elements such as non-linear story and randomized dungeons with a bit of a rogue-like flair.  There is a tonne of details about the game on the Battle Chasers Kickstarter page that I really recommend reading over because I won’t do it justice here.  One thing I will mention is the visual style.  It is simply amazing.  I don’t know what it is about the wonderful and cartoony visuals they are going with, but they really kick ass, both in the isometric top down exploration mode and in the side view combat mode.  You really should check it out just for that reason.

I am also happy to report that pretty much every pledge tier beyond the token starting tier includes testing access, which is great to see.  If you are a fan of RPGs with turn based combat then I highly recommend that you give the Battle Chasers Kickstarter a look and consider supporting the game.  Check it out!



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One thought on “Battle Chasers Kickstarter

  1. Seems to be cool game, but I never like when they present an almost complete game for kickstarting, I much prefer kickstarting an idea and see how that comes to life, but it’s maybe just me.

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