Another Ancestory Beta Key Giveaway

Another Ancestory Beta Key Giveaway[Update: gone already.  Gamers are clearly interested in trying Ancestory!  We will keep you posted about possibly getting more keys yet again.]

The flurry of beta key giveaways last week included a bunch of paired beta keys for Ancestory, the new tactical turn-based game from Kajak Games.  Those keys went really quick, which both delighted and surprised Kajak, and so they decided that they would give us another set of keys to hand out again.  Act quickly and grab your keys in our next round of the Ancestory beta key giveaway below!

A few of us here at DBB have been enjoying the Ancestory closed beta, and we are planning on uploading some game play footage soon along with a hands-on write up.  Briefly, Ancestory is essentially a tactical virtual board game in which each player can place units and casts spells using custom build decks of cards.  Units can then be moved around the battlefield much like other turn-based tactical games.  First impressions here at DBB have been quite good and we rather like what we have seen so far.

Like last time, the keys are being handed out in sets of two because the Ancestory beta is currently multiplayer only, and you will need a friend in order to play the game via Steam.  Keep this in mind, because with the current small pool of testers it might be difficult to find an online game if you don’t know someone else that already has beta access.  Make sure you give the second to someone that will use it!

Grab your paired beta keys below in our latest Ancestory beta key giveaway and enjoy testing out the game!



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