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Battleborn Technical Test RegistrationFor some reason I really thought we had already reported on Battleborn, but after seeing a post about it on PC Gamer this morning regarding the Battleborn technical test registration I suddenly had a pang of doubt and decided to check.  As it turns out we hadn’t yet reported on it, so time now to rectify that!  If you are a fan of shooter games then this will be one to check out.

Battleborn is the latest offering from Gearbox and 2K Games, the duo responsible from the widely popular Borderlands franchise.  As you can probably guess from that statement, Battleborn is a shooter based game.  Indeed it is, and moreover it is a shooter that is looking to provide both a single player experience and team-based multiplayer experience.  Taking a page from MOBAs (and who isn’t these days?), Battleborn features unique heroes for you to choose and use, each with their own set of stats and abilities.

There is a form of persistent hero progression that allows you to advance, but the main form of hero advancement is the Double Helix skill system that resets every time you start a match.  This is meant to give every player a roughly equal footing in each PvP match.  The devs are making a big deal about this, but honestly it just sounds like the skill upgrade system used in Heroes of the Storm, except that you have a choice of two skills per level.  The persistent hero progression does allows you to modify the Double Helix in some fashion though, so I suppose that is a bit unique but for the most part it is simply taking another page from MOBAs.  You can check out the Double Helix for each hero on their information pages.

Anyway, if you would like to sign up for a chance to test out the game, head over to the Battleborn technical test registration page and sign up.  This is a closed test, and selections will be based upon the information that you provide.  Oh, and you will need a SHiFT account to register.  Check it out!



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