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Alpha Reactor Alpha RegistrationWell, well, well…Trion is once again announcing a new multiplayer game.  According to the Trion mailing list email that DBB received yesterday, Atlas Reactor is a new team-based multiplayer game that also happens to be a tactical turn-based game.  Better yet, the Atlas Reactor alpha registration is already live and waiting for you to sign up!

The fact that Atlas Reactor is a multiplayer turn-based game may instantly turn some of you off.  After all, no one likes sitting around waiting for everyone else to take turns.  Trion are well aware of this short coming and are eager to inform you that they solve this problem by allowing everyone to take their turns simultaneously.  To me that sounds like a team-based version of Frozen Synapse, where you plan your moves not based on where your enemies currently are but rather where you think they are going to be and what they are going to be doing.  Sounds like it could be quite fun, and perhaps a bit chaotic.  The game announcement trailer does a good job explaining the gameplay in more detail so I recommend that you give it a look.  I also suggest taking a look at the Atlas Reactor web site for more information about the game, such as the already revealed characters that you can choose from.

If that sounds like something you could dive into then you should head over to the Atlas Reactor alpha registration page and sign up (or hit the big “Sign Up” button on the main Atlas Reactor website).  Check it out!



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6 thoughts on “Atlas Reactor Alpha Registration

  1. tut tut, trion…

    gotta commend them on doing something different but I don’t think gamers who enjoy turn based particularly enjoy cartoony character based games… the aesthetic and idea puts me off playing at least. Just another Trion failure by the looks…

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