Gigantic Closed Beta

Gigantic Closed BetaChances are that you have already heard about this, but just in case you haven’t you might be interested to know that the Gigantic closed beta starts today and will run each weekend from now on.  If you managed to get invited to the alpha test like I did then you don’t need to do anything because you are automatically in the beta test.  If you haven’t yet gotten an invite to test out Gigantic then I suggest that you head over to the Gigantic closed beta registration page and sign up!

Gigantic from Motiga is a team-based arena shooter with some heavy MOBA influences.  Players can select from a pool of varied heroes each with their own playstyle and abilities, and from there you must help your team take control points and power up your guardian.  The guardian acts as the primary target for the enemy team and the primary means by which you can take down the enemy guardian.  Thus, protecting them and powering them up is the key to winning a match.  The NDA prevents me from saying much more but you can check out the official gameplay trailers to get a glimpse of the game.

Unlike the alpha test, the Gigantic closed beta requires that you have Windows 10 installed so if you haven’t yet upgraded then this might be one more incentive to do so.  Like I said, there is still an opportunity for you to sign up for the Gigantic closed beta if you haven’t already done so.  Get on it!



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