Ancestory Beta Key Giveaway (all gone for now)

Ancestory Beta Key Giveaway[Update: Sheesh, those keys went fast!  Stay tuned for more keys in the near future!]

I imagine most of you don’t remember this, but last November we bent our own rules a little bit and reported on a Steam Greenlight launch, specifically the Ancestory Greenlight.  We did this as a favour to Kajak Games (formerly known as Pikkukatit), a small Finnish game development studio that had contacted us and asked us very nicely if we would help spread the word.  Well, apparently karma has indeed returned that favour to us, because Kajak have selected us to be the exclusive site for the very first Ancestory beta key giveaway!  That’s right, you can’t find these anywhere else!  Please note that the beta is multiplayer only right now, and so these keys are being handed out in sets of two so that you and a friend can try the closed beta together.

Ancestory is a turn based game that combines online card games with the tactical gameplay more associated with games like X-COM.  In essence the game plays out like a turn based virtual board game with cards, although I should point out that it is a very slick looking virtual board game.  Take a look at the new closed beta gameplay trailer below to see Ancestory in action with all of its Unreal Engine 4 glory.  It looks really great!  Like other online card games, a big part of the strategy in Ancestory is centered on deckbuilding.  Players have access to a range of units and spells that all have different costs, stats, and effects.  Do you rely more on spells to battle your opponent, or do you take a unit heavy deck to swarm the map?  Or a balanced deck?  That will be up to you to decide, and of course you can build and save multiple decks.



Ok enough about the game, you want your keys!  Currently the closed beta only features the multiplayer side of the game, although rest assured that the tutorials and single player content is incoming.  Nonetheless, Kajak wanted to make sure that you could easily play the game and so they asked us to distribute these keys as pairs.  They are starting small and we only have 100 keys to give out to the first 50 readers that claim them, so act fast!  These keys can be redeemed via Steam for easy access to the closed beta.

Grab your keys from the Ancestory Beta Key Giveaway below and enjoy the game!



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